Dana Bevill, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
& Life Coach

I needed a change in careers and in boyfriends. was stuck and miserable. Three months later I have both!

I had begun to think I was 'crazy.' Working with her helped me see that some of my choices were making me feel that way.
-Jonathan R
Maybe it's because she's from the south, but she has this natural ability to confront you with your own stuff without making you defensive.
- Angie P.


DrDanaOnline.com is an online resource for individuals who have pressing questions or concerns about mental and behavioral health, but who do not have immediate access to a mental health professional.

While DrDanaOnline.com is not "therapy" in a traditional client-therapist sense, it can offer tremendous relief to those who need education, resources, and direction with a particular concern. Usually, individuals contact Dr. Dana to ask questions regarding concerns about themselves or a loved one. It's an excellent start for someone who is curious about which direction to take. Frequently, information and education are all that's necessary; sometimes, these persons will be given a referral to a therapist in their area if warranted.

Life Coaching

In addition, DrDanaOnline.com can be used to get in touch with Dr. Dana regarding personal Life Coaching sessions. Coaching is a valuable tool to help individuals (or groups) who may feel "stuck" or uncertain of their life plans. Coaching is a goal-oriented and solution-focused method of sorting out one's options, deciding on a particular and desirable goal, developing a plan toward that end-goal, and working toward putting the plan into action, to achieve the desired results. Typically, Dr. Dana recieves requests for coaching from individuals who are considering ending or who have ended relationships, have conflict in interpersonal, family or work-related areas, are uncertain of their career path, unhappy with their current life situation and lacking direction or the ability to generate alternatives, have concerns about sexuality or "coming out" to family and friends, who want to feel more empowered in their lives, and who desire to make health or behavioral changes.




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